Silence isn’t Just The Absence of Sound

What is the definition of silence? What does the word mean to you? Have you ever considered what silence itself might contain?

Not long ago, I believed silence was simply the absence of sound. But what I’ve discovered through my practice of silence is that it’s something much deeper. When I started spending regular periods of time in silence, the presence of noise became more shocking than the presence of silence.

Silence is an experience. Silence is the natural sound of the universe. It’s energy in its purest form. Through silence, you can understand and connect with the power of simplicity.

Silence is the voice of your soul—and it’s a voice like no other. When you practice silence, you can speak (without words) and listen to your consciousness, which is usually buried under the non-stop worldly noise.

Silence is the path that lets you walk through the conscious place, which resides inside of you, where everything is pure and connected. Think of silence as an umbrella—it shelters you from the rain of noise and creates a space where you can reflect on your deepest thoughts and face your biggest fears.

In today’s world, the word silence automatically paints a negative picture. Very little is known about just how positive it really is. Many of us use silence as a language when we are dissatisfied or want to disassociate ourselves from something or someone.

But in fact, we can actually connect with others on a deeper level when we spend regular periods of time in silence. The reason?

When we know how to be silent, we know how to listen. We can share in someone else’s humanity. We can feel empathy. Listening often becomes secondary when we want to share our own story.

On the surface, the practice of silence involves not speaking for regular intervals of time. But under the surface, it strengthens our ability to listen—to listen to others, to the things that are often drowned in the day-to-day noise, to the things we don’t pay attention to when we’re cruising through our lives on autopilot.

In silence, you’re not just simply quiet. You’re also creating more space for yourself. You’re listening to and connecting with your spirit and inner self, facing your fears and insecurities. You’re rising above the ordinary by focusing on your own journey instead of demeaning your spiritual being by competing with others. You’re more aware.

Next time you encounter silence, go beyond its quietness. Instead of running away from it, pay attention to how you feel in its presence. Be mindful and think about what it may contain, observe your thoughts, and get to know yourself on a deeper level. Appreciate its beauty and simplicity.


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