Every day we listen. We listen to friends, family, colleagues, music, TV, cell phones, social media, etc. The time has come to add yourself to that list.

This is a movement for people who want to give themselves the unique opportunity to truly listen to their inner selves. It’s a chance to dive into the depths of the real you—the you who has been inside of you all along but hasn’t been heard.

Join the people who value deeper connection with self and others. Be part of this movement.

This is your platform to celebrate and share your journey of silence, a place to inspire others with your story.

Tell us what the voice that doesn’t use words has shared with you.

How long have you been practicing silence? What has your experience been like so far? What are the main differences you have noticed in your life since you started this journey?

It’s time for this world to experience a much-needed pause.

Remember, we all share this noble resource. We are one, and together we will make a real difference.


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