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Today, silence is arguably one of the most challenging things to understand, let alone practice. Yet the practice of silence goes way back to ancient times. Its roots are deep and can be found in many primeval spiritual teachings (e.g., Hinduism and Buddhism) and cultures (e.g., Roman and Native American).

In the Upanishads, it’s said that the vag-indriya (organ of speech) distracts the mind. Today, it seems that the vag-indriya is the most-used organ in the body. By letting unnecessary speech fall out of our mouths, we waste a considerable amount of emotional and physical energy—energy that could be transmuted into spiritual energy.

It’s said that silence is an experience of being; it is the timeless basis of the universe’s existence. It has neither start nor end. Silence is an endless reality in which everything comes into being before vanishing again. The power of silence is the most abundant and vast power in the universe.

Silence is the voice of the soul. Silence is a voice like no other. When it speaks, it connects us to our inner selves and keeps us grounded. It’s a voice that speaks to the conscious space where thoughts and feelings are pure and connected.

Silence is pure and noble

Yoga, an ancient practice from India, is about connecting mind, body, and soul. What allows this connection is silence. Since primordial days, the practitioners of yoga, as well as spirituality and meditation, have long benefited from the practice of silence. In the depth of silence––the body, mind and soul attain the eternal peace and balance.

In the philosophical world, it’s said that while practicing silence, we are speaking with our consciousness.

The importance and power of silence has not only been treasured and appreciated by yogis and spiritually awake beings but also by countless great achievers and leaders in various different fields.

Rumi, one of the greatest poets and philosopher of all time has stated quotes such as, “all is known in the sacredness of silence” and “let silence be the art you practice.” Before Rumi, philosophers including Plato, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius have long noted the importance of silence in the ancient texts.

In fact, many of the great leaders and achievers in last century alone have spent considerable time in silence and solitude. Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Abram Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, and The Beatles (to name a few) all embraced the power of silence.

At its core, the practice of silence is not a temporary medium for solitude and meditation. It’s a practice in which you immerse yourself in its unbounded power and depth.

“Silence is the speech of the soul; all else is secondary.” -Abhijeet Pandey.

Many people ask me how it feels to be in silence. I like to compare it to watching a massive storm from inside my house. Inside the house there is peace, calm, and harmony; outside, there is complete chaos, but you are not affected by it. It cannot touch you. You simply stand in your peace and witness the storm’s passing.

Being in silence feels like being a million pounds lighter. Imagine how light you would feel if you let go of the constant stream of desires, regrets, retaliations, judgements, anxieties, speculations, expectations, and negative thoughts—one after the other.

An ancient Buddhist principle has done wonders for the quality of my life: Be in touch with your highest self by filling everyday moments with the full presence of yourself. Immersing yourself in silence lets you become intimate with your deepest self.

When you really practice silence, you not only stop being a source of noise—you also stop seeking and attracting noise. You create more space for yourself, listen to and connect with your inner self, and face your fears and insecurities. You are mindful, more conscious. You run your own race. Serenity and peace find their way into your life.

This practice has the power to raise you beyond the ordinary.

There is a presence, awareness, and connection that exists beyond words. It reveals itself through silence. It enables deeper, more powerful communication and connection with ourselves and others.

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