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November 28, 2020

Why Silence?

“Silence is the speech of the soul; all else is secondary.” –Abhijeet Pandey.

Experience the Difference

Silence is arguably one of the most challenging things to understand, let alone practice. Yet the practice of silence goes way back to ancient times. Its roots are deep and can be found in many primeval spiritual teachings.


We live in a noisy world—a world where it’s practically impossible to be in pure silence. Right when we wake up, we’re exposed to non-stop outside noise: radio, music, TV, Internet, traffic, people.



In silence there is wisdom, knowledge, strength, serenity, clarity, self-awareness, and contentment – the elements needed to achieve lasting happiness and fulfillment. This practice has the potential to impact our lives.

The Science

The practice, importance and benefits of silence in the spiritual development go thousands of years back in time with the aim to connect with the inner self and to cultivate self-awareness and compassion.

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