When I practice silence, people often get concerned about my well-being and ask if I’m all right. I used to simply smile and nod with a thumbs-up to let the person know that I was perfectly fine. But more often than not, my nodding and not speaking would leave others even more confused. I admit that it’s pretty tough to explain what you’re practicing without using words.

So I began carrying a small piece of paper that said, “I am in Silence.” This seemed to help, but then I thought, wouldn’t it be more meaningful to create some simple tools that would convey this message while also explaining the practice and raising awareness of it?

And so we created some.

These tools will help you navigate through the daily noise by letting others know that while you are there with them, you are also in silence.

The message “I am in Silence” on this tank top will not only remind you of your commitment to this life-changing practice but also it will inspire others to adopt this simple yet powerful practice.

In addition, you should also know that you are contributing to other social causes as well through our “Silence that gives back” program.