While the vast majority of the society today, associates presence of silence as uncomfortable, awkward and lonely, actually presence of silence in today’s world is a gift and privilege.

Spending time in silence has some associated profound spiritual, well-being and physical health benefits, of which most of us aren’t even aware of.

In silence there is wisdom, knowledge, strength, serenity, clarity, self-awareness, and contentment—the elements needed to achieve lasting happiness and fulfillment.

This practice has the potential to positively impact our lives in countless ways. By no means is the following list exhaustive. Nonetheless, it should give you a basic understanding of the benefits.

  • Brings balance in life: Silence has restorative and healing power that can bring much-needed balance in our life. World-class results come from alternating periods of peak performance with periods of deep renewals. Being in silence replenishes our soul. Think of adding some moments of silence in our day-to-day living as the maintenance required for the healthy operation of our internal life engine.
  • Trains mind to look inwards: Silence helps us to uncover layers of habits, deep rooted thoughts and stories by transforming our mind to become more inward looking. By gazing inwardly, it helps us to connect deeply with the self within. Additionally, it makes us more soul-centred, which inevitably then help us connect with the outside world on a deeper level.
  • Foundation of mindfulness: Amid the rush of daily life, moments spent in silence creates space for us to observe what’s happening in the moment. It provides access to the vibrant stillness within us—silence and mindfulness are interconnected.
  • Strengthens our personal identity: Being in silence not only limits our ability to express our views to others, it also restricts our compulsive nature of explaining and justifying our views and actions to others. This practice slowly trains us to let go the craving of being perceived right by others (gaining other’s approvals). This change solidifies our independent identity and existence. It reaffirms that we are complete from within and do not need any external validation.
  • Raises self-awareness: Silence helps us to let go of ego and judgement and to welcome compassion by forcing us to observe our own darkness and thoughts. It enables us to go into the depth of our core and spirituality. These observations are the most important steps in becoming self-aware.
  • Promotes gratitude: Silence amplifies our sense of gratitude by giving us space to appreciate the smaller deeds and things in life, which usually go unnoticed in the daily busyness and chatter. Countless researches have concluded that being attentive to what we are grateful for is a proven way to feel positive, happy and more fulfilled.
  • Increases intimacy: Being deeply connected with our essence and purpose is the foundation of finding intimacy. Spending time in silence gives power to our deep buried life purpose to rise to the surface. It allows us to tap into what exists beyond words. It increases our ability to find intimacy with ourselves and the world around us.
  • Improves listening skills: By slowly eliminating the superfluous-talking habit, silence immensely improves our listening skills. Improved listening is a core foundation of a deeper and genuine relationship.
  • Deepens clarity: Silence rejuvenates and elevates our senses, which helps us tune out shallow sounds and create space between us and the day-to-day noise, so clarity can emerge. This clarity enables us to understand and connect to our deepest emotions, thoughts, ambitions and longings.
  • Empowers us: Silence helps in developing unmatched patience, willpower, and self-confidence by training our mind to face its deepest fears and insecurities. It gives us space to face our inner demons and slowly conquer them.
  • Improves decision-making: Being in silence allows us to become more calm and composed. As we settle in silence, our mind gains a different and more in-depth view of our situations compared to when we are on the go, which in today’s world is most of the time. In grounded state, we are likely to make more thoughtful and wise decisions.

Besides these above benefits, a number of scientific studies have proven many health benefits of silence.

We believe to live a happy and fulfilled life, it’s worth coming back to these universal benefits of silence again and again.

It very well could be that perhaps many of these benefits are familiar to you. The question is, how many (if any) are you currently experiencing in your life? This is something you must answer for yourself.

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